A Message From Lina

I decided to start Green-FAQs because I strongly believe there is much to do in order to transform our society into a sustainable one. There are opportunities everywhere for people and businesses to be more sustainable. From that premise, this enterprice is a resource to ensure that the very much needed transformation is achieved.

How? we intend to share and create value by integrating the right tools with the smartest ideas, by encouraging analysis and discussions on key sustainable topics and by answering the most frequent questions people and businesses have around sustainability.

Let us know if you are interested in materializing the concept of sustainability in your personal or business projects. we can support with:

  • Creating content regarding sustainability topics.
  • Creating, developing or auditing Environmental Management Systems
  • Developing and implementing sustainability strategies.
  • Evaluating and implementing business models for projects to become more sustainable.

If you ever like to collaborate on anything at all, regarding sustainability, don’t hesitate to reach out.