How do you promote sustainability?

Play and listen to the answer

If you are part of an organization and you are currently wondering how to promote sustainability within the business, you will find 4 things you can do here.

Look for Sustainability Champions (SC)

SC are people that already support sustainable development. Look for them at all levels of the business, and among key suppliers and clients. You could find them by sending e-mails, reading social media profiles or just by asking people directly. SC are going to help you increase sustainability messages and ideas.

Prepare supporting materials

Before engaging people in sustainability, they need to learn about it. When sharing supporting materials, remember to adjust your language for different audiences, avoid using sustainability jargon, and use infographics when possible. Make the most of different communication channels like blogs, newsletters, employee orientation days, emails, and others.

Be ready for pushback

Just as you might find SC, there could also be some people that are going to challenge your initiative. In this case, you need to support your initiative with reliable data and be ready to answer difficult questions. Also, avoid delegating all sustainable actions to just one business unit or person.

Have a clear picture and sell it

Chances are some people will not buy the sustainability idea just because it is ‘the good thing to do’. This is also a sales process in which you need to constantly: approach people, show the advantages, explain how it helps the business strategy and assist people when in doubt.

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